Tohken Thermo Tech was introduced in the NHK Special titled “Mezase! Nippon fukkatsu” (Let’s revive Japan!) aired on Sunday, January 1, 2012 from 9:00 pm.

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Due to the recent super appreciation of yen, Japan’s de-industrialization due to overseas relocation of production bases is being viewed as a threat. Tohken Thermo Tech was featured as a company that has, against such a backdrop, increased sales and number of employees within and outside of Japan since its overseas advancement in 1995, creating a new virtuous cycle mechanism.

(NHK Special program spiel)

Since the beginning of the Heisei Period, the Japanese economy remains in disarray for more than two decades. Further, this past year saw the fall of the “Japan brand” with the major disaster and the nuclear accident, the distress of export industries due to super appreciation of yen, and the inability of the government with high debts to take bold fiscal measures. Such a storm of adverse winds is increasing the feeling of entrapment to an unprecedented level. How can we get out of this situation?

This program addresses this difficult question. The key phrase is “challenging common sense.” The common sense is “yen appreciation decreases work.” But, there is a revolutionary idea to turn yen appreciation into a chance for growth! The common sense is “Japan will lose its market to Asian forces.” But, there is an idea to rebuild Japan into a country unrivaled and peerless! To the common sense “the future of Japan rests on economic growth,” there is a surprising proposal that economic growth is not necessary!

On the very first day of the year 2012, we will introduce measures for Japan to survive and thrive in this tumultuous world.