As a reliable heat treatment professional group, we want to continue supporting manufacturing business.

As the company started as a pioneer of metal heat treatment specialists in Japan, we have always tried to develop and introduce new technologies in line with the modernization of Japanese industry.In addition, we are actively engaged in human resource development and are widely known inside and outside of the industry as a heat treatment specialist company and the largest holder of Heat Treatment Technicians (skills qualification system of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare) in Japan.

Now in a period of innovation in manufacturing business that is said to occur once every 100 years,There is a need for not only a company in the supply chain, but also a “heat treatment professional group” responsible for technology development and joint research based on accumulated experience and achievements.

As the global supplier that can be an option for changing manufacturing strategies (Make or Buy) associated with “CASE” by utilizing overseas production achievements in Thailand, Malaysia, China and Mexico as well as in Japan, and as the development partner of new technology for new cars, we will continue supporting manufacturing business in Japan and in the world.

Ryuji Kawasaki


Pride of leading company

Among firms specialized in heat treatment, Tohken Thermo Tech is top-class in technological capabilities, company scale and management conditions. The company has at its disposal a wide array of heat treatment technology within and outside of Japan, and also handles design, manufacturing and development of approximately 40% of its facilities and equipment.
Always a pioneer, Tohken Thermo Tech was the first in the metal heat treatment industry to expand its business overseas, and its globalization endeavors in Asia and other parts of the world are continuing.
Tohken Thermo Tech technology has supported the heat treatment and processing of the Japanese manufacturing sector since the late 1920s. Our contributions have resulted in awards and recognitions from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Osaka Prefecture, and many more.

Pride of leading company

Human Capital that shoulders
the Tohken technology

It is impossible for customers to judge whether or not the heat treatment is exactly what they ordered; therefore, trust is everything in the world of heat treatment. We rank first in the industry in the number of employees with national certification for metal heat treatment. The Tohken Thermo Tech brand is maintained by each and every one of our employees.

Category Employees with Certification for Metal Heat Treatment Employees with Certification for Metal Material Testing
Advanced 118 No Advanced Category
1st grade 224 10
2nd grade 141 38
Total 483 48
Employees with Certification for Metal Heat Treatment